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Liven Up Our Interiors With Colors On Your Floor

When it comes to adding colors to the floor of your dream home, carpets and rugs are the most traditional way of painting a design on them. Though they are traditional yet with modern day designs, they are above all portraying a niche atmosphere. Every corner of the house can be decorated with varied designs of a carpet to give a soft feeling on your feet and joy in your eyes. Depending on the area one can change the theme, and the color of the rug and some ideas can be shared to beautify your indoors.

Living Room AndDining Room

It is often said that the first impression is the final impression of your guests and with your living rooms decorated immaculately with proper lighting, well-designed furniture, the paintings on the wall and rug on the center of the floor with aesthetic appeal should brighten up the moods of your guests giving you a pride within. You can use a carpet that covers the vacant area between the sofas and under the center table. The rug should match with your room, and the design should be unique.

The dining room is the place where we treat our guests for lunch and dinner. You can select a square or rectangular rug for your dining room. As the dining room is heavily furnished with wooden furniture, you can go for a dark colored rug with geometric design. The dark color shall prevent the stains of spill over’s in the dining room.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where you spent the cozy nights with your loved ones. As the bedroom is a place to calm our stress and enjoy the togetherness the color of the carpet or the rug should be soothing and give a soft ambiance.

The Kitchen &TheBathroom

The kitchen and the bathroom is used in a hard manner and are often neglected. Nice looking soft rugs should also cover them but a little thick in density to absorb the load of rough use.

Following the above, you can light up your space accordingly.