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5 Benefits You’ll Only Enjoy with Crowdfunding Platforms

Your loved one is suffering a chronic illness and is now in the hospital. Your favorite NGO is running a new project. Your friend has just gotten accepted into a university abroad.

These three individuals have one thing in common – they’re all desperately in need of funds to make a change in their lives, to make their dreams a reality.

So why wouldn’t they simply borrow from a friend, take a loan, sell some jewellery or empty their savings? Because they’re old, outdated methods that send us slipping quickly into debt like quicksand, a sacrifice nobody should be making to be able to afford a necessity or to give to a cause they care about.

Crowdfunding India is the most effective changemaker in the funding industry today. Platforms empower individuals and organizations with the means rope in donors by telling powerful stories and providing a safe and secure platform to enable giving.

Here are five benefits you’ll only find on a crowdfunding India platform like Impact Guru:

No pressure of payback

Perhaps the greatest benefit of all, the lack of pressure of paying back a loan takes the biggest load off those who turn to crowdfunding. You’re asking a large number of people to make small contributions, offering only the opportunity to help make a difference. You’re making no promise of payback! You’ll be surprised by how many people are willing to give without expecting any gain. In the last two years, Impact Guru’s platform alone has raised over Rs 300 crore!


Fundraising organizations swallow at least 40-50% of the funds they raise as logistic fee. Not only do loans need to be paid back, but with additional interest. No funding solution is as affordable as the crowdfunding India platform! Moreover, most platforms like Impact Guru don’t charge any fee until you’re done fundraising and close your campaign, when a fee no more than 5-10% is extracted.

Speedy funds

A rare offering in the funding industry – the lack of time constraints. How quickly (or slowly) you raise funds depends on your efforts and ability to reach out to the right people. Medical crowdfunding platforms have seen campaigners raise lakhs of rupees in weeks, days and even overnight! With you deciding your deadlines and limits, you’re in complete control!

You don’t have to wing it alone!

Crowdfunding India lets you ensure you aren’t alone in your fundraising efforts. While solo campaigners are abundant, so are teams. Impact Guru has seen as many as 120 people come together to manage a single fundraiser, multiplying their reach and speeding up the flow of donations.

Garner support in unique ways

The concept of “support fundraisers” became a reality when crowdfunding gurus realized that personal validation was of paramount importance in the fundraising industry. A feature offered by few platforms like Impact Guru, creating a support fundraiser lets a donor share the fundraiser as their own project/cause to encourage their contacts to make a donation. This has proven to be extremely effective in countless cases.

These are only five out of the endless benefits, hacks, tricks and tips one can make use of in the world of crowdfunding!