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Five Tips to Consider When Buying Pool Lighting

Of all the pool supplies you can shop for, lighting may be the most exciting. After all, what’s more fun than an after-dark pool party with just the right lighting? However, while shopping for this category of pool supplies is interesting, it requires some care too. Consider these five tips to help you when shopping for pool lighting.

  • Consider Local Codes – If you do not have lights already installed in your pool, you may need to look at building codes before you do so. The last thing you want is to install your new lighting and find out it is not within code.
  • Work with an Electrician – Because you are dealing with electricity and lighting at the same time, having an experienced electrician on hand during installation may be necessary.
  • Choose Replacements Correctly – If, on the other hand, you are replacing a burned-out bulb, make certain you choose one that fits correctly. The smallest difference could be dangerous.
  • Think Long Term – When choosing any type of pool supplies, think about the long term plans of your pool. Perhaps it makes sense to upgrade to high-end lights now, even if you don’t anticipate using them often.
  • Understand that Technology Changes – Today, LED is nearly always the best bet for lighting. This may be different than last time you shopped a few years back.

While shopping for lighting or any other pool supplies, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your local pool store–the experts on staff may be able to save you money, effort and stress!