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Who to Contact for the Best Forklift Training Services

The performance and lifespan of any given piece of machinery is largely dependent on the manner in which it is handled. This is the case with forklifts. Proper handling, operation, maintenance and even storage of forklifts more often than not translates to their prolonged lifespans. On the other hand, mishandling them is a sure way of rendering them useless in a short span of time. For this reason, it is important to identify and solicit services of forklift training from a reputable company. Our classes are designed to equip our learners with knowledge gathered from experience spanning over fifty years in dealing with the same. Our training encompasses several different aspects regarding forklifts and is aimed at producing all rounded individuals. Upon completion we assure you that you will be capable of
handling just about anything concerning our field of expertise. Our curriculum is sub-divided into a number of educative aspects of forklifts including;

  • Basic operational practices– This acts as a beginner’s course for any potential forklift operator.
    Our forklift training program begins with an overview of some of the essential parts constituting the machine. Here, the functions and applications of the various components are highlighted. Our learners are then taken through some of the controls used in the operation of a forklift, carefully explaining their respective functionalities and how they are used to maneuver the machine. A practical session then follows where every student, accompanied by one of our experts, tries first hand to operate the machine. In this monitored practical sessions, students move various objects to pre-specified positions under the close supervision of our technicians. Upon passing this stage, you will be subjected to more demanding tasks which are graded
    based on speed and orientation of loads. This is done repetitively to ensure mastery of the same.
  • Forklift maintenance practices– Now that the students are conversant with the basic operation of the forklifts, they are introduced to good maintenance practices of the same. This course begins with a complete overhaul and assembly of a forklift from the ground up. As this overhaul progresses, the students are introduced to the forklift’s inner working mechanisms. The main aim of this is to make them conversant with the correct procedure for future replacement of parts which is inevitable. Upon completion, students are then required to repeat the process in smaller groups so as to gain a more hands on experience in machine servicing. Our learners are then advised on the best spare parts components and where they may be obtained. At this stage, students are also taught the best loading practices not only to avoid machine breakdown, but also to have the best materials handling experience.

Call or visit us to sign up for our classes if you wish to learn with the best.