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Home Is Where The Heart Is!

Home is a place where a family or individual lives and where he or they feel most comfortable in.  A home is not limited to the physical dwelling place but instead it is where the feeling of comfort and homeliness is most predominant.  A house is just a basic structure with walls, a floor and a roof, but a house does not necessarily make a home.

Family Setting

Most people think of their childhood houses as their home.  This is where the memories and happy or sad times have come to complete a concept of what a home is made of.  A family home is just exactly that, where a family lives happily and makes memories for them to muse over when the children move out to live separate lives.  Members of a home usually love to go back to their homes and spend time just relaxing and making more beautiful memories.

Clinical Setting

A home may also be used to refer to an institution which houses several people.  Examples of these types of homes are orphanages or homes for the aged and many other residential institutions that focus on making their building feel homey and comfortable for the people who live there.  These may be nursing homes, orphanages, retirement homes, and homes for rehabilitation.  These institutions are long-term abodes for most residents especially for the aged.  As for orphanages and rehabilitations centers, these are just stepping stones to get to where they belong.

What Makes a Home

Other individuals may feel that their true houses are not really their homes because they do not feel cozy or it lacks a family connection.  This sometimes happens to single people who live on their own and work until the late hours.  Their house is just considered their resting place and where they can eat and relax in peace.  This does not necessarily make this abode a home nor does it mean that relaxing here makes it so.  A home needs to have memories and warm feelings of having been around for years.  Usually, homes are reliable havens of security and love.  This is why some people feel bad when their family homes are destroyed and changed into commercial buildings.

Some people in certain cultures do not have homes.  This is because the people are nomads who travel from place to place looking for food and other means of trading and livelihood.  These people may have some temporary homes which they return to from time to time, but these do not retain the feeling of a home because they only supply these with the bare necessities.

Animals may also maintain a permanent home or den in which they go back to take their rest or raise their young.  These dens are carefully planned and usually safe enough to guard against the elements and from marauding predators.  Domesticated animals usually rely on man to provide them with a house or a warm home.  Dogs are the usual animals that accompany people in their homes.  They are sometimes considered part of the home and part of the family.

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